Oxymagic’s Carpet Cleaning System

Oxymagic's NaturesWay® cleaner uses the power of oxygen to get your carpet back to that "just installed" look. It is one of the safest carpet cleaning systems available today. Unlike most other carpet cleaning services, Oxymagic uses non-toxic cleaners, making it safer for children and pets.


Oxymagic uses a low moisture, oxygen based cleaning system. Your carpet will be fresh and clean. Our incredible fast-dry time means that your carpets will be dry in as little as 60 minutes!* You can walk on your carpet almost immediately after cleaning, which means minimal interruptions to your home and family.


Oxymagic’s carpet cleaning system uses minimal water. In fact, the cleaning system deep cleans carpet with 97% less water than typical high-flow water extractors.


With our System:

  • Removes dirt

  • Lifts the carpet pile

  • Deep cleans

  • Removes spills/spots

  • No sticky residue

  • No water to heat

  • No need to use blowers

  • No need for air conditioners to dry carpets

  • No need for dehumidifiers to remove moisture

*Assumes normal operating conditions and the prescribed amount of water is used.

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