The Oxymagic Process

"Thanks so much for the great job you did cleaning our carpeting, especially those red wine stains!  Like you said it would, the carpeting dried very quickly. You were on time, and I like the fact that you use green products.  You’ll have my future business for sure!" 
-Karen Mosko, New Brighton

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We are one of Minnesota's best carpet cleaners. What sets us apart is our employees and our cleaning system. We hire people who we would feel comfortable inviting into our own home. Our cleaning system has a Fast Dry Time, uses Non-Toxic Chemicals, and your Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer


How do we do it? Our system uses about 1 tablespoon of solution per sqft, this is why we have such a fast dry time. Is that enough solution? Well, the proof is in the pudding, but hopefully, the pudding is not on your carpet.  BUT, if it is, give us a call, we can get that out too!


We use high-efficiency machines and a pH balanced cleaning solution that is non-toxic, biodegradable and completely safe for children and pets! The IICRC, the carpet cleaning industry's only recognized trade organization, says deep particulate or fibrous soil makes up 79% of dirt present in your carpet.  Due to the soil particles being found in the lower third of the carpet pile, it needs brush agitation to be effectively removed. 


Our Host Freestyle cleaning machine consists of two counter-rotating brushes that scrub the carpet at 480 rpms.  These brushes clean the carpet from the bottom up; removing loose debris, dirt, and encapsulated crystals.  You'll be astonished at what we're able to do for your carpet.


And because we don't use soap, your carpets stay cleaner longer. Many are familiar with Oxymagic and its use in your laundry, we use practically the same stuff formulated for cleaning carpets. The power of oxygen cleaning your carpets and removing stains. 


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