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About Oxymagic

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Mark and Tammy Grissman are the owners of the Minneapolis Oxymagic franchise.

Their story starts back in 2006 when Mark came home one afternoon unexpectedly while Tammy was cleaning the bathroom. She was using a bathroom cleaner which contained chlorine bleach. Within a month he ended in the hospital with pneumonia. They had no explanation for this other than the new cleaning product, but hadn't connected the two yet. It wasn't until a few months later when Tammy took him to the emergency room and he ended up in the ICU. The full gravity of the situation set in when the doctors would not let her leave because they didn't think he was going to survive the night.

Since then, Mark and Tammy have found that they are both allergic to common household cleaners. In addition, Tammy is allergic almost everything with a scent including flowers. They have a combined 15+ years of cleaning experience. They acquired the Anoka County territory of Oxymagic in 2007 and further expanded their territory to all of Hennepin, Dakota, and Washington Counties in 2014. Providing high-quality service while using safe and effective products is how they love to take care of their clients.

Oxymagic Service Area

Our service area includes Anoka, Hennepin, and Washington Counties.


Office Location

13055 Riverdale Drive NW, Ste 500.
Minneapolis, MN 55448
Tel: 763-213-6217

Cities Served:

Anoka, Andover, Blaine, Circle Pines, Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, East Bethel, Fridley, Ham Lake, Lino Lakes, Oak Grove, Ramsey, St. Francis, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Richfield, Osseo, St. Louis Park, Wayzata

Also servicing Dakota and Washington Counties.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Over the Phone Pricing

We have been in this industry a long time and it is important that our customers know what they are getting before we show up. We guarantee the price we quote over the phone is what you will be charged. We will talk about your options and the upsell selections over the phone, not pressure you on your doorstep.

Guaranteed Price over the phone is based on the information you supply.  Once in your home, if the scope of the job changes, the price may change also (i.e. addition of rooms, extra services such as applying carpet protectant/deodorizer).

Products or equipment that advertise they remove dust mites and mold from the environment are under the jurisdiction of the EPA and must be made in an EPA registered facility. Our machines are manufactured in an EPA registered facility.

Avoid Mold & Mildew Growth
The Oxymagic cleaning system uses less than one teaspoon of liquid per square foot cleaned. Unlike wet cleaning methods, Oxymagic does not leave carpets wet or moist with wastewater that can lead to mold growth if it isn’t dried quickly enough. In fact, our system helps remove mold and mildew from carpets.

Reduces Indoor Allergens
Research studies by Judith Bates, Ph.D. Biochemistry*, have shown that one cleaning with our system using HOST Machines reduces:

– Dust mites by 78%
– Cat allergen by 85%
– Dust mite allergen by 75%
– Mold spores by 85%

*Please contact us for a copy of the report information.

Fast Dry Time

If you are like most families with children, after the carpets are cleaned, you start to sound like a broken record reminding them to stay off the carpet. With other systems, it can take several days! With the Oxymagic system, it is easy and carpets are dry in as little as 60 minutes.

Once we have reviewed your project, the exclusive Oxymagic safe, non-toxic, Natures Way cleaner will be applied as a spot cleaner for stubborn stain areas, then your carpet will be misted with this same cleaner. Our cleaning machine then goes to work with dual cylindrical brushes and powerful suction, removing dirt, dust, dander and dust mites.

With the short dry time, you are able to resume daily living faster.

Carpets Stay Clean Longer

Soap Residue in Carpet Gets Dirtier Faster
As a kid, this didn’t make sense. Doesn’t soap clean? Why would it make the carpet get dirtier faster then?

How Soaps Work
Soaps, if not rinsed out of carpet, can become attractants to dirt and grime. The science behind soaps are powerful, but also simple. We use soap every day of our lives to wash our hands, dishes, and clothes.

The Science
All soaps have two parts, a head and a tail. The head is commonly refereed to as being hydrophilic or water loving. The tail is lipophilic or oil loving. Because of this unique combination, the tails are attracted to oil and will surround and create a thin layered coating around oil particles. When surrounded, the oil will wash out being carried away.

Soaps as a Residue
If there is soap residue left on the carpet from steam cleaning, then the oil sticks to the lipophilic tail and then becomes a binding point for additional soil particles.



Our Promise to You

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