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About Oxymagic of Minneapolis

Mark and Tammy Grissman are the owners of the Minneapolis Oxymagic franchise. Their story starts back in 2006 when Mark came home one afternoon unexpectedly while Tammy was cleansing the bathroom. She was using a common tile cleaner which contained chlorine bleach. Within a month he ended in the hospital with pneumonia.


They had no explanation for this other than the new cleaning product, but hadn't connected the two yet. It wasn't until a few months later when Tammy took him to the emergency room and he ended up in the ICU. The full gravity of the situation set in when the doctors would not let her leave because they didn't think he was going to survive the night. Since then, Mark and Tammy have found that they are both allergic to common household cleaners. In addition, Tammy is allergic almost everything with a scent including flowers.


They have a combined 15+ years of cleaning experience. They acquired the Andover territory of Oxymagic in 2007 and further expanded their territory to all of Minneapolis in 2014. Providing high-quality service while using safe and effective products is how they love to take care of their clients.


Our Values

Oxymagic feels that its responsibility is to the environment, and to its customers. Our first thought is to safeguard the environment while maintaining the highest quality of cleaning for our customer’s carpets, rugs, and upholstery. We will only use environmentally safe solutions to clean our customer’s carpets. We believe in maintaining a reasonable price for a superior service to our customers. We vow to adhere to appointment times as humanly possible. Customers’ Homes must be serviced accurately and in a timely manner.




Please include numbers of rooms and stair cases to clean.

“I have used Oxymagic several times over the last six years. Mark always leaves me with a smile and terrifically clean, fresh carpeting throughout the house."

Mike Tharp, Minneapolis

“I have used Oxymagic twice and both times it was great. The carpet took no time at all to dry and Mark moved my couch and chair. I would highly recommend them.”


Lisa Swanson, Minneapolis

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